• Alphabet


    A whole alphabet of handmade multi-coloured letters in a selection of teal, fuchsia pink, cornflower blue, yellow, deep purple and spring green.  Each letter measures approximately 5 inches high and is backed with quilters batting and dark grey fleece to make the letters more sturdy and easier to handle.  Can be used as room decoration, perfect for nurseries, home offices and classrooms or as an educational toy to help teach children to recognise and order their letters.


    Please note; this is a handmade item that has not been through the same rigorous testing of a factory made toy and should be treated with care, small children should be supervised whilst playing with this product.

    • Free UK Delivery

      This price includes free UK delivery, all purchases can be made through the Etsy shop. If you are nearby and can collect from Henlow, Bedfordshire then please contact me for a reduced price.