Welcome! Thank you for dropping by and having a look at our page and supporting my endeavour to grow Sleep Pattern Toys from a few snatched hours to do something creative whilst my baby (now a rambunctious toddler) is sleeping, to its new state as a fledgling business.

Sleep Pattern Toys is the realisation of a long held dream to produce quality sewing patterns to guide the creation of wonderful, long-lasting cuddly toys whilst supporting the opportunity to do something creative and productive with the small amounts of free time we have in our busy lives.

We now have an Etsy store (details below), a range of sewing patterns in progress (Stephan the Stingray available now), felt letters and numbers, make-your-own bunting, and originally-designed Octopus toys.

We can't wait to share them with you, in the meantime we hope you enjoy the creations below, for some inspiration of how you could use them in your own home, please check out our gallery.


All products are on sale in our Etsy shop.

More original sewing patterns will be launched soon. 





Our Etsy shop is open 24/7 but please check here for confirmation of our attendance at this year's local Christmas stalls.





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